Sustainably dispose & recycle.

As a medium-sized company, we have been active in the waste disposal industry for over 40 years. With the help of efficient processes, we exploit the potential of recyclables management to the full, feed raw materials back into the cycle and preserve natural resources – for a green and clean environment.

Three companies under one roof.

Our three core competencies - disposal, raw material recycling, and plastics - are each represented by their own company. This means for you: Fixed contact persons who are experts in their field and provide you with comprehensive advice. Because personal contact is crucial for us in a good business relationship. Together, we set new standards in resource management – and always keep it human. Grounded and straightforward, we are your strong partner when it comes to disposal and recycling.

Because we work collaboratively across departments, hand in hand, when it comes to finding the best solution for you. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. Around 200 colleagues work on this every day, and we receive reinforcements from new apprentices every year. Together, we aim to continue growing and harness innovations to make a sustainable impact in waste disposal and recycling.

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Waste Disposal for Businesses and Dental Practices

We guarantee you a reliable and legally compliant disposal of your commercial and dental waste. With a customized waste disposal plan and comprehensive service. Do you need waste consultation, or just logistics services? We also offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

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Recycling of PET Bottles into Plastic Flakes

In an efficient process, we recycle PET bottles into plastic flakes – pure and available in clear and colorful varieties. This allows us to transform a secondary raw material into a high-quality product used in the production of beverage bottles, plastic fibers, films, and packaging tapes, among other applications.

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Plastic Granules for the Food Industry

At our location at Nordlippepark 1, we process plastic flakes into high-quality regranulate, perfectly suitable for use in the food industry. The refinement process we employ adheres to European regulations for recyclates with up to 100% food contact suitability.

Environmentally friendly extraction of secondary raw materials.

Environmental protection and sustainable use of resources are the key issues of our time. While everyone talks about it, we take action. With modern, environmentally conscious methods, we ensure clean waste disposal and reintroduce paper, metals, and plastics into the recycling loop. This conserves the Earth's resources and protects our environment. We operate efficiently and always stay at the forefront of technology, as evidenced by our various certifications. We do not use any primary raw materials, as we specialize in extracting secondary raw materials through recycling.

It can hardly get more sustainable - The Bottle-to-Bottle Principle

We recycle PET bottles in a way that allows them to be processed back into new PET bottles without any loss of quality. This closed recycling loop is crucial for sustainability, as it reduces the consumption of new raw materials while simultaneously decreasing waste volumes.

We are the largest producer of this secondary raw material nationwide and rank among the top 5 in Europe. In recycling, we consume 36% less energy than comparable technologies. In 2022, we received the Medium-Sized Enterprises Award from the bvse in the category of "Innovative Technical Solution for Recycling.

Das Bottle-to-Bottle Prinzip

Sophisticated waste disposal strategies

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Recyclables management for commercial customers

Looking for a sustainable solution for disposing of your commercial waste? Then you’ve come to just the right place. Drawing on our many years of experience, we work with you to formulate a strategy that is both environmentally friendly and tailored individually to your needs. We employ easy-to-handle container systems and a modern fleet of vehicles. All waste we collect is properly sorted, processed and fed back into the cycle as secondary raw materials – maintaining the highest environmental quality standards, of course. As you can see, we are your reliable partner for anything to do with waste disposal, both locally and nationwide.

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Disposal of dental practice waste

We have been an expert partner supporting dental practices and laboratories throughout Germany for over ten years – and hope that we can convince you too of the benefits we offer. With our Ensomed service, we guarantee you proper processing and disposal for your dental waste in a reliable and legally compliant way. We handle all the legal documentation requirements and provide you with all the necessary handover certificates and accompanying documents free of charge. You will also receive EUR 50.00 credit for every kilogram of dental amalgam that we collect (drained net weight).

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High-quality secondary raw materials

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Single-type PET flakes – clear and coloured

We turn used PET bottles into plastic flakes in an energy-efficient recycling process. In this context, we place great value on varietal purity, thus guaranteeing you a high-quality product that can be processed further into a wide variety of stable plastic products – from drinks bottles and plastic fibres through to films and packaging tapes. We carefully check every outgoing FIBC for residual moisture, bulk density and any incorrect colours or materials as well as adhesive residues and the distribution of granulate sizes.

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Plastic pellets for the food industry

Keen to use recycled plastic for foodstuffs? Our plastic pellets boast all the requisite properties. We process the PET flakes we produce ourselves into a high-quality recyclate in a complex thermal process that complies with the European regulations on food contact materials. Regular screenings allow us to ensure the quality of our product. The plastic pellets produced in this process fulfil all the criteria for up to 100% food contact, making them suitable for turning into drinks and food packaging, films and blister packs, for instance.

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Training & Careers at RCS

Whether you’re an apprentice, new to the business or a seasoned professional, we’ll welcome you with open arms and offer you a varied range of duties that will allow you to show off your talents to the full. Look forward to an extensive range of continuing professional development options, attractive bonuses and many other benefits. And, the best thing about it is that we’ll be offering you a job with a future, because we’d love to have a long-term working relationship with you.

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