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Service providers

RCS Entsorgung GmbH
Capeller Straße 147
59368 Werne

RCS Entsorgung GmbH
Capeller Straße 147
59368 Werne

RCS Plastics GmbH
Capeller Straße 147
59368 Werne

Contact details

E-mail address: info(at)
Phone: 02389/9826-0
Fax: 02389/9826-60
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Authorised representatives

Authorised representatives:
Gerhard Francke, Managing Director
Adelheid Hauschopp-Francke, Managing Director
Alexander Rimmer, Managing Director

The European Union provides a platform for conflict mediation:
Please find our e-mail address in the imprint above. We are not willing or obligated to take part in mediation processes of any consumer arbitration facility

Journalistic/editorial content

Responsible for content: Adelheid Hauschopp-Francke, Managing Director

Commercial register and registry number

Commercial register: Dortmund Registry Court

Commercial registry numbers:
HRB 30649 (RCS Entsorgung GmbH)
HRB 17550 (RCS Rohstoffverwertung GmbH)
HRB 30731 (RCS Plastics GmbH)

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Photographie Susanne Kästner

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